Cultural Insight: The Role of Consensus in South Carolina Justice

I hadn’t intended to write another cultural insight already this week, but sometimes experiences happen that should just be shared.  That is the case this week, where I had the unexpected pleasure of serving on a jury. A fundamental concept of the American justice system is that any individual has the right to file suitContinue reading “Cultural Insight: The Role of Consensus in South Carolina Justice”

Cultural Insights: I’m Sick, What Do I Do?

A simple thing.  My daughter is sick.  She of course should stay home until she is better.  Or should she? It’s a dilemma that we have, in part because our lives cross two significantly different cultures:  Sweden and the United States. It used to be an easy question for me.  I grew up in theContinue reading “Cultural Insights: I’m Sick, What Do I Do?”

I’m Declaring War on Perfection

I think my American roots (and perhaps being back on American soil) may have something to do with choosing the words “declaring war” rather than “taking a stance” or “acting against”.  Perhaps I am a bit dramatic with it, but those who know me, know that I can be (maybe it is some latent desireContinue reading “I’m Declaring War on Perfection”

Solving Puzzles for Organisations

I have always enjoyed solving puzzles. Perhaps more the mental ones, for example, the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) analytical section was spot on for me, than physical, although when my best friend visits and the weather is bad, we will often end up working on a physical puzzle (one of which is the picture. SideContinue reading “Solving Puzzles for Organisations”

Managing Around My Weakness: A New Partner!

I believe deeply in knowing our own strengths and weakness, acknowledging them, and deciding how to handle them.  Or, as I frame it in my interview question when asking about weakness, “So what are your weak sides and how do you work with them?”.  If someone is confused, or not wanting to admit to weaknesses,Continue reading “Managing Around My Weakness: A New Partner!”

One Difference Each Day

I was inspired to write this blog by a recent coaching session, where we discussed the important of scheduling and accomplishing something each day. It comes from many different places, as the person I was speaking with referred to a podcast. For me, it comes from Stephen Covey’s principle of “first things first”, where theContinue reading “One Difference Each Day”

From 8-bit Assembly Code to Training & Development

For those who knew me when I was newly graduated from undergrad, with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, they are probably wondering why I am now offering classes in communication, interpersonal and intercultural interactions, and leadership. From the Advanced Engineering lab, soldering up prototype boards to the TI TMS370 emulator that stood on my deskContinue reading “From 8-bit Assembly Code to Training & Development”

Trying to Convince Myself I Am Good Enough

This is probably the hardest post I have attempted to write. This in the final form is the sixth iteration. But a series of things convinced me to write it. First, because a former colleague and company founder, asked me (and others) how to get more women in engineering. He asked the question. I answered,Continue reading “Trying to Convince Myself I Am Good Enough”

The Tree Blocking the Path

Today I had the synergistic combination of an early morning career coaching session followed by a mountain bike ride. In the coaching session, I shared a model that I have further developed from Stephen Covey’s Circles of Influence that I often introduce when a teammate, colleague, client, or even a whole team or organization isContinue reading “The Tree Blocking the Path”