Diving Deep to Calm The Storm Within Us

I recently started dive training, together with my daughter.  It was something I was curious about for years and considered doing at different times.  At first it was time and money holding me back.  More recently, it was other priorities and interests that took my focus. So I dove into other areas.  Academics, research, andContinue reading “Diving Deep to Calm The Storm Within Us”

Join Me in Striving to Be Inclusive on Purpose

I recently started reading Inclusion on Purpose by Ruchika Tulshyan.  It came recommended to me from quite a few different sources, and it fit exactly in line with the focus I have in my work. It’s a tough read.  Even though I know I have good intentions, in reading the book, I can quickly identifyContinue reading “Join Me in Striving to Be Inclusive on Purpose”

Influencing or Manipulating?

Recently I worked with a group where I introduced a concept from Stephen Covey’s, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, called the Emotional Bank Account. Basically, the concept says that between any two people, we could envision that there is an account between us that has some numeric value, positive or negative. When weContinue reading “Influencing or Manipulating?”

Some Days We Just Show Up… And That’s Ok

I believe tremendously in humankind’s ability to challenge ourselves and grow.  It is a belief that has taken me all over the world and has led me to different career challenges.  Because I believe in it, I also teach it to others. But I think that it’s important to acknowledge and say that it isn’tContinue reading “Some Days We Just Show Up… And That’s Ok”

Photo Essay: The Hope and Joy of Spring

For most of my life, I have been a four-seasons person.  I grew up in Indiana, where at times we could experience all four seasons in the course of a day, but overall, each season had its defined period and winters were long and potentially harsh. The blizzard of ’77 had snow up to theContinue reading “Photo Essay: The Hope and Joy of Spring”

Links to Support Ukraine

Rising Strong. Recommended by Brené Brown, a researcher and author who inspires me a lot. Financial disclosure is fully available on their site and they already have a good deal of donations on the ground helping Ukrainians. I just donated to them and will again. International Organisations Supporting Ukraine United Nations Ukraine Humanitarian Relief FundContinue reading “Links to Support Ukraine”

A Heavy Heart for Ukraine and Our World

I had several other topics in mind for this week’s blog, but today we woke up to news that rendered all the other thoughts and ideas I had inconsequential by comparison. I’m not really organised a lot in my thoughts, but I wanted to share them in the raw and unsynthesised form that they are.Continue reading “A Heavy Heart for Ukraine and Our World”