Be A Better Team

Purpose:  This training is intended to help a team reach its highest potential through use of the Group Development Questionnaire assessment to identify the team’s current stage and work on specific plans to help them perform more effectively.  As most teams are either newly formed or stuck in conflict, the training program is based on specific activities to move through these phases to productive work (primarily identifying and assigning roles, moving from personal to task conflict, and improving feedback).  To help the team manage conflict, self-awareness is increased through use of the Belbin Team Role assessment, which includes both self and observer input, and there is a specific misunderstanding training developed for the group based on the team composition. 

Who Should Take This Class:  This class is intended for a complete team who wants to perform better.

Photo Background:  In the past, many team building activities had pictures of rowing skulls, showing each team member doing the same thing and all pulling together.  Research on high performing teams, however, do not have all people doing the same thing and pulling together.  Rather, they have people performing in their top roles, communicating effectively, and all working towards the same goal.  Therefore as a water sport, sailing match racing is a much more effective metaphor. I reflected on this when we had the Swiss Women’s Match Team staying with us in Lysekil, Sweden as they competed, and I asked the captain’s permission to use a picture of their team as the image of a high performing team.  Whether it is the Swiss Sailing Team, or a software development team, the teams are much more effective with the right person in the right role, tight communication, task-based (not personal) conflict, and a clear goal.  The boat isn’t as fast if the roles are changed.  The captain can’t see and know everything, so effective task-based conflict is necessary from the different perspectives and places on the boat.  And if communication doesn’t work effectively, more mistakes will be made.  

Custom Live (Online) Class On-Demand (building on the elements below):

  • Overview of Group and Team Theory
  • Group Development Questionnaire Assessment and Action Plan
  • How and Why We Misunderstand Each Other with custom Culture Map for the Team
  • Overview of Aspects of Diversity
  • Overview of Belbin Team Roles
  • Individual Belbin Team Role Assessment, including both self plus 4-5 observers, and coaching
  • Team Belbin Roles Discussion and Actions
  • Case Studies for Interpersonal Problem Solving
  • Overview of Giving and Receiving Feedback and Practice
  • Facilitation for Team Charter (Mission, Values, Goals, Roles)
  • Facilitation for Journeyline (get-to-know-each-other activity)
  • Miki Island Experiential Learning for Teams

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