Be Your Best Leader for a Better Team

 Purpose:  This class is similar to Be Your Best Self for a Better Team, but goes deeper into building self-awareness and emotional intelligence for people leaders, as well as having focused material and case studies from a leadership perspective.  There will be an introduction of group and team theory, a specific leader version of misunderstanding and communication (HWWMEO), and usage of the Belbin Team Role Assessment for improving self-awareness and emotional intelligence.  We will develop the recognition of their strengths so that they can further develop and more strongly  lead with them as well as learn to manage their weaknesses more effectively (whether by pairing with others with complementary strengths or by lessening the impact of the weakness through personal development).  Finally, we will focus on leading with equity not equality, where equity is defined as treating each team member as they need for a similar outcome and equality is defined as treating each team member the same, expecting the same outcome, but resulting in significant differences.

Who Should Take This Class:  This class is primarily intended for managers (line managers) of people, but may also be helpful for people who lead others without line responsibility.

Photo Background:  When I took the train from the Yukon Territory, Canada into Skagway, Alaska, USA, I saw several lone evergreen trees on stark mountain tops.  Talking later to a park ranger, I learned about the Black Spruce tree which grows in the harsh, mountainous climate of Alaska and the Yukon.  Withstanding storms, often with limited nourishment from the ground, the trees persist and continue to grow and stand tall.  Thinking about the adversity that they faced, and the few numbers, I thought of the leaders that I most admired.  Leaders often face tremendous adversity, but they nevertheless persist, standing as a beacon and inspiration to those around them.

Combined Live and Video Class launching April 19th Tuesdays 14:00 – 17:00 / 18:00 CET (8:00 – 11:00 / 12:00 US Eastern) from April 19th through May 31st (requiring a minimum group size, or on demand for corporate clients) includes:

  • Overview of Group and Team Theory
  • How and Why We Misunderstand Each Other with Case Studies for Interpersonal Problem Solving (Specific for Leaders)
  • Basic Management (Managing Expectations, Time Management, Escalation, etc.)
  • Overview of Bias and Aspects of Diversity
  • Trust, Empathy, and Compassion
  • Individual Belbin Team Role Assessment, including both self plus 4-5 observers and one hour of coaching
  • Recruiting 101 (video)
  • Equity vs Equality:  Developing a Plan to Lead with Equity
  • Overview of Giving and Receiving Feedback for Personnel Development
  • (Optional) HWWMEO customisations
  • (Optional) Individual Coaching
  • (Optional) Individual Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment and coaching