Be Your Best Self for a Better Team

 Purpose:  Provide an introduction to group and team theory and misunderstanding theory from HWWMEO, then work on the individual’s role in the team through increased self-awareness and practice giving and receiving feedback.  Self-awareness is increased through use of the Belbin Team Role assessment, which includes both self and observer input.  Furthermore, class participants will have increased awareness of the role they play in team conflicts, so they can actively play a role in minimising personal conflicts and focus on task based conflict.  Finally, they will develop the recognition of their strengths so that they can further develop and more strongly contribute with them as well as learn to manage their weaknesses more effectively (whether by pairing with others with complementary strengths or by lessening the impact of the weakness through personal development).

Who Should Take This Class:  This class is intended for anyone who works in teams.   For an entire team together, the class Be A Better Team is recommended rather than this class, as it is intended for a team.

Photo Background:  When mountain biking in Harbison State Forest near Columbia, SC, USA during the early spring, I just had worked my way up a tough hill when I saw this flower blooming beautifully in the forest.  I chose this image for this class because I believe and have seen that when people learn to recognise their strengths and how to work with their weaknesses, they bloom in their role and team.  

Combined Live and Video Class launched Spring/Summer 2021 for corporate clients. Open class starting April 21st for general public if class size met – sign up here):

  • Overview of Group and Team Theory
  • How and Why We Misunderstand Each Other
  • Overview of Belbin Team Roles
  • Individual Belbin Team Role Assessment, including both self plus 4-5 observers, and coaching
  • Case Studies for Interpersonal Problem Solving
  • Overview of Giving and Receiving Feedback and Practice
  • Individual Action Plan

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