Books on General Culture

I Am The Monkey (4*) by Jürg Wittwer (this is one of my favourites, and is especially good for expatriates living and working in another culture.  Many good insights though for anyone interacting across cultures)

Riding the Waves of Culture (4*) by Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner (one of the core textbooks from my Global Project Coordination class at Stanford, this is a classic culture text with good theory and examples)

The Culture Map (5*) by Erin Meyer (this is my most valuable and readable book on general culture.  I particularly like the relativity between cultures and the example stories)

The Culture Code (3*) by Clotaire Rapaille (decidedly focused on and positive to American culture with some comparisons to major European or Japanese culture.  Significant focus on marketing to different cultures as opposed to working with them.  Also judges and passes the author’s value more than I would like to have in a book on culture.)

How to Overcome Cultural Differences in Business (2*) by Chris Smit (overly simplistic and quite a bit of marketing for the author’s services, but not many new insights on top of Hofstede’s work)