Books on Teams, Teamwork, and Groups

Creating Effective Teams 6th Edition (in progress) by Susan Wheelan, Maria Åkerlund, and Christian Jacobsson (the 6th edition builds on Susan Wheelan’s earlier edition with the significant addition of research by Åkerlund and Jacobsson on Agile and Multicultural teams.  This is a wonderful handbook for teams desiring to perform at the highest possible levels, and is a good edition to the Group Development Questionnaire (GDQ) and Miki Island)

Creating Effective Teams 5th Edition (5*) by Susan Wheelan (this is a good book and I have it as the original edition I read and used in training, but recommend the 6th edition with the additional discussion on Agile and multicultural teams)

Group Processes:  A Developmental Perspective (5*) by Susan Wheelan (this was the textbook for GDQ certification and a wealth treasure of knowledge on groups and teams.  It is not an easy read, but there is so much wonderful information, and reference to studies, that it is well worth the time invested to read it)

Team Roles at Work (3*) by R. Meredith Belbin (Good knowledge and information behind Belbin Team Roles and general group/team theory.  It is a bit dry to read, but contains good and helpful information)

Debugging Teams:  Better Productivity Through Collaboration (4*) by Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman (great insight into teamwork and teams, emphasising the importance of soft skills.  This book is particularly relevant for software teams, as the book is from Google leaders.  I have given this book to several people with whom I have worked together to build software teams)

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (4*) by Patrick Lencioni (while this book is particularly well-suited to leadership teams, there are insights to be had for all types of teams.  I enjoy Lencioni’s book and style, and found this particular book quite helpful to work within my own leadership teams.  This is another book I give out, mainly to the leadership teams I work with)

The Advantage (5*) by Patrick Lencioni (this is a great book about the potential of working with humans in an organization.  I like how entertaining and readable this book is, while imparting good knowledge)

Death By Meeting (5*) by Patrick Lencioni (a great book to read if your meetings are getting you down.  It is particularly suited to leadership teams, but could be applicable in some form to most working meetings.  Again, engaging and entertaining reading while imparting sound knowledge and experience)

The Ideal Team Player (5*) by Patrick Lencioni (a great book to read as a guide if you want to build a stronger team environment in your company. I especially like the definition of the characteristics for a great team player, but also the discussion about both working to develop people as well as letting go of the ones who are unwilling or unable to be developed. There are some good interview tips in here if you want to focus more on strong team player hiring)

Teams in the Spotlight (4*) by Mette Sandahl, Mattias Wihlborg, Christian Jacobsson, and Maria Åkerlund (a good accompaniment to Creating Effective Teams and based on the research into teams by Susan Wheelan and continued by Jacobsson/Åkerlund. I particularly like the goal matrix that is recommended as a structure for defining and clarifying the team’s work)