A Ratio for Love and Life

A lot of reading that I have done recently has triggered ordering more books.  Two different books I read recently referred to John Gottman’s research on marriage and relationships, so I bought his book Why Marriages Succeed and Fail.  I certainly don’t want to fall into the latter category, but I was also curious aboutContinue reading “A Ratio for Love and Life”

Cultural Insight: What is Freedom?

We have had a lot of discussions in our house since moving to the United States about freedom.  Freedom is of course one of the founding values of the United States, and something that is vaunted and touted as a unique characteristic.  But is it really? Debating and discussing the answer to that question hasContinue reading “Cultural Insight: What is Freedom?”

Cultural Insight: Reflections a Year After January 6th

I remember growing up, my parents often talked about how there were certain events in their life that they would always remember.  The event itself, as well as where they were and what they were doing when it happened.  For them, two primary events were JFK’s assassination and the landing on the moon.  Both wereContinue reading “Cultural Insight: Reflections a Year After January 6th”

Be a Light: The Difference Proactive Communication Makes

This morning made me think about how important proactive communication is on so many levels.  The example is rather simple, but I think the intent and potential is very powerful. This morning, my daughter forgot her backpack.  I drive her a short distance from our house to a group bus stop.  The bus then takesContinue reading “Be a Light: The Difference Proactive Communication Makes”

Saying Goodbye to Perfection Through Quilting

At some point around junior high, I stopped doing something that I really enjoyed… crafting and creating.  I had been told at enough times by then, particularly in art class, that I didn’t have enough talent and wasn’t good enough at it.   Something that brought me great joy pretty much stopped.  I did stillContinue reading “Saying Goodbye to Perfection Through Quilting”

The First Time I Took a Group to Miki Island

There has to be a first time for everything, right?   At least to learn and grow, make progress, and move forward, which are all very important values for me. I have been working with team-building in some form for more than twenty years now.  For several years as part of building CEVT’s Connected CarContinue reading “The First Time I Took a Group to Miki Island”