Guided Interpretation to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Purpose:   Of all the hundreds of books I have read on leadership, management, personal development, and being a better human, this book remains my single favourite compilation of the actions needed for an effective life.   I regularly recommend this book to people I lead and/or mentor, give it as a graduation present, and encourage it as a guide through life.  As I think this book is so beneficial, I teach this as a guided interpretation to the material in the book, with my own stories adding to the material introduced by the author.   Past participants of the class have shared that they have made significant improvements in their life as a result, including saving a marriage, mending a broken parental relationship, changed career/job, achieved recognised career improvements, stepped up to leadership, improved parenting, improved self-esteem.

Who Should Take This Class:  Anyone seeking improvement in their life, professional or personal

Photo Background:  The book uses the lighthouse metaphor, and it has also been a guiding light for me.  Therefore, I chose this picture that was taken of the light above the South Harbor (Södra Hamn) in Lysekil, Sweden.  I like the wintry, grey background (as opposed to my many other pictures of lighthouses in the sun) because this book has provided guidance and insight to me at some of the darkest times in my life.

This class starts April 25th 2022 with live lectures on Wednesdays (will be recorded and available afterwards) and discussions the following Mondays. It will run for 7 weeks (7 Habits). To pre-register, go here.

  • Note that you are expected to have a copy of this book (any edition will do)

Optional Additions or Customisations:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Mission Statement Retreat
  • Private discussion sessions within a single company