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Culture Map Tool, from Erin Meyer of INSEAD

HBR Article – Navigating the Cultural Minefield

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Map Yourself: HBR – What’s Your Cultural Profile

Ingelhart – Welzel Cultural Map

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Hofstede Cultural Insights

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Hans Rosling’s Gap Minder and Dollar Street (Economic Global Maps and Data)

Gap Minder and Dollar Street

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Communication Diagrams

Assess Your Influence Quotient 

Influence Quotient

Book Recommendations

For general book recommendations, I review all books I read on Goodreads at least with a star rating (books read before 2019 are unrated, although I am trying to re-read and rate as time permits).  Books that are included here are for the most part non-fiction, unless the fictional story helps for understanding a culture.  Four and five star books are highly recommended.  I note my star ratings with some comments about the books.  I do also include some books with poor ratings from me with the reasons why for completeness.

Interesting Books to Learn About General Culture

Interesting Books to Learn About China

Interesting Books to Learn About India

Interesting Books to Learn About Japan

Interesting Books to Learn About Russia

Interesting Books to Learn About Sweden (and Scandinavia)

Interesting Books on Gender / Women

Interesting Books on Personality Tools

Interesting Books on American Culture, Sociology, Economics, and Class

Interesting Books on Race in the United States

Interesting Books on Teams, Teamwork, and Groups

Interesting Books About General Leadership/Management

Generally Inspiring Books Around Purpose, Happiness, Meaning of Life, Compassion, and Kindness

Interesting Books on Parenting and Growing Up

Interesting Books on Emotion and Emotional Intelligence, including Mental Health and Dying

Interesting Books on Business, Operations, and Strategy

Interesting Books on Product Development and Technology

Interesting Books about Expatriation and Re-patriation

Interesting Books on Communication, Public Speaking, and Negotiation

Interesting Articles

The Three Elements of Trust

Why a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Employee Development Doesn’t Work