Interesting Books about Expatriation and Re-patriation

In general, one of the greatest things you can do as an outgoing expatriate is to read all that you can about your new country. Read tour books and guide books (I have enjoyed Lonely Planet books for their historical and cultural insights), read novels written by authors from the country, read books written on the culture (preferably both from inside and outside the country to have the perspective on how outsiders see the culture as well as how the country is described by its own people), and read books on general cultural differences using different models for culture.

The books here are more general to the experience of moving abroad.

I Am The Monkey (4*) by Jürg Wittwer (this is one of my favourites, and is especially good for expatriates living and working in another culture.  Many good insights though for anyone interacting across cultures and a lot about the importance of mindset in the expatriation experience)

Survival Kit for Overseas Learning (4*) by L. Robert Kohls (this book is written for Americans moving abroad, so the helpfulness may be limited for non-Americans. Sections such as the Q&A’s to prepare and culture shock are more general)

So You’re Coming Home (4*) by J. Steward Black and Hal B. Gregersen (this is again written primarily for the American audience, but may be more applicable and less culture specific. I had a lot more challenge on my first repatriation and this book helped me both to mentally prepare as well as to understand and cope with what I was going through)