Interesting Books About Marriage

Why Marriages Succeed or Fail (4*) by John Gottman (a quite interesting read from the extensive research the author has performed in his marriage lab. Some aspects of the book may be more specific to American culture and relationships, but I certainly think the 5:1 ratio and also the warning signs are applicable across many other cultures)

The 100 Simple Secrets of Great Relationships (unrated) by David Niven (this is a quite old book that I bought years ago during an earlier relationship. It is written in a short story format, indexed by topics, which makes it easy to find advice and input in specific areas)

The Dance of Intimacy (4*) by Harriet Lerner (this book focuses to work on yourself first to enable better intimacy with others. It is primarily written for women.)

The Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work (unrated) by John Gottman (good practical simple advice on making marriages work. Perhaps a bit American-centric, but still many globally valid good points and exercises)