The inspiration for Legacy came after my mother-in-law passed away and we were cleaning out her home.  We found hundreds of lace doilies and tattings that she had made.  Neither my husband nor I like the doily style in decorating, but nor could I bear to haul them all away to charity shops, as I thought of my mother-in-law working on them painstakingly for hours upon hours.  In a sense, they were a part of her and a legacy of her life, and it just didn’t seem right to send. them off to an uncertain future.

Within a short time, my grandmother also passed away.  After going through the boxes of unclaimed items, I found quite a bit of lace and tatting work. I knew my grandmother well enough to know that she hadn’t made them, but my mother recalled that it was her great-grandmother who made them.  I decided to save some daisy tatting, as well as a leopard patterned hat of my grandmother’s.

During this time, I actively researched my own genealogy.  I also made significant career changes, interested to understand both the legacy I inherited as well as activity shape the legacy that I would leave behind.

In parallel, I came to know Åse well and became a customer of hers.  I particularly came to love her jackets, that incorporated both clean, classic, timeless design with whimsical bits of fabric trim to make the jacket as truly unique as the person wearing it.

After she completed a custom jeans jacket design, I came up with the idea of creating the Legacy Line of clothing together with Åse.  With her sense of design and style, coupled together with each customer’s family bits of fabric, lace, tatting, and/or buttons, we could offer our customers a way both to honour their heritage as well as express their own unique style.

Both Åse and I love the little town of Lysekil, Sweden.  Åse was born and spent a great deal of her life there.  I came to Lysekil first in my thirties, at the recommendation of a man who would later become my husband.  We plan to retire in Lysekil in the future.  Both of us know the struggle of the summer paradise to hold its vitality year-round and keep enough jobs for its residents.  As Lysekil is a part of our legacies, we plan to make all Legacy products in Lysekil.

Each Legacy jacket is handmade in Lysekil to order. In this modern, hectic world, we give you a chance to save and treasure the handiwork of someone you love in your own style, while also purchasing a socially responsible product, locally produced by small business owners and employees under Swedish wage conditions, and contributing to the viability of a small town.

Ordering will be possible soon through Etsy.