My Favourite Tools

In my various hobbies, I have acquired some tools that I really like and highly recommend. In some cases, I have links where we both can benefit (they are clearly noted). Where it isn’t noted, I have no benefit or interest other than as a satisfied customer.


Canon 5D Mark IV

Work-from-Home Studio

iMac Retina 5k 27″ running Monterey OS (as of 2022-01-25) with Swedish keyboard/extended numberpad and tracking pad.

Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam, mounted on a flexible Pipishell 25″ Webcam Stand (it’s fantastic, when I am doing coaching or training, I can put the Webcam in the middle of my monitor for better eye contact. When I am working, it easily bends out of the way.)

Yeti Blue USB Stereo Microphone


Accuquilt Studio 2 Cutting System with Dies – my first quilt took me almost five years in cutting each piece with a rotary cutter and pattern (plus numerous accidents and uneven pieces). Since buying the Accuquilt, I have made a queen quilt in less than two weeks and spend much less time with the very uninteresting task of cutting.

If you want to try Accuquilt’s various cuttings systems and dies, we can both with with this referral link. You get 20% your order, and I get 30% off an item. Win-Win, eh?