Recruiting 101

 Purpose:  Provide an insight into recruiting methods and practice, particularly interview questions and techniques used in building two successful engineering organisations.  Recognising that many managers are thrown into recruitment with little or no training, this training is intended to provide a better understanding of what is needed to plan and execute a successful recruitment process.  Or in other words, how do we solve the resource puzzle?

Who Should Take This Class:  This class is intended primarily for line managers who need to recruit employees.  However, it may also be helpful for senior team members who join and support recruiting activities, and/or HR and recruiters.

Photo Background:  When I was working on the first organisation that I built, I envisioned the tasks that I had as quite similar to solving a complex puzzle.  We often see that a role is a fixed position (let’s call it a square).  So we put out an advertisement for a square.  The reality is that no one is a perfect square.  Some might see themselves as a circle, bigger than the square, but in reality cover very little that matters at any depth.  Others, as a triangle, not big enough for the square, but perhaps with all the right content in critical areas.  But the triangle doesn’t even apply because it doesn’t see itself as enough.  And in the end, we have a whole bunch of different shapes, which none of them match perfectly.  So I started to look at each position as a puzzle piece.  There might be a common core of needs, but each team needed a little more of A, less of B, a lot more of C, and almost no D, when we looked at the composition of the existing team.  Then, if I could identify someone who really wanted to work with C, was ok with A, and was happy to skip over B and D, we had an excellent match.  In a sense, each role was a hole in a puzzle, and I needed to find the right piece to fit.  I use this metaphor of a puzzle when I coach others to recruit, or teach classes.  So when I decided to take this class public, I took a picture of one of my favourite puzzles (a Liberty Puzzle, handmade in the US, of the Norwegian fjords).

Self-Paced Video Class launching Autumn 2021 including:

  • Recruiting Philosophy
  • Ground Work (tell your story, define your need, screen CV’s, prepare interview)
  • Essential and Optional Interview Questions
  • Wrapping-Up / Making a Decision

Optional Additions or Customisations:

  • Individual coaching
  • Belbin profiles for roles and candidates
  • Live class adapted to specific company needs