I used to love to write, and spent a good deal of my childhood writing for the school newspaper or angst-ridden poetry or fiction.  Now, I am striving to get back into disciplined writing weekly by blogging.

Most of the topics are about personal development, self-improvement, my forays into entrepreneurship, the challenges of motherhood and life in general, and travel and other cultures.

If you liked a story, if it helped you or you related to it, I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to also sign up for my newsletter that comes out weekly.

Here are the links for my posts:

2021-12-09:  Be A Light:  The Difference Proactive Communication Makes

2021-12-02:  Saying Goodbye to Perfection Through Quilting

2021-11-28:  So What Is This Thanksgiving?

2021-11-18:  The First Time I Took a Group to Miki Island

2021-11-11:  Same or Different

2021-11-03:  Photo Essay:  The Beauty of Uniqueness

2021-10-27:  Car Talk:  The Importance of a Job Well Done

2021-10-21:  Cultural Insight:  The Role of Consensus in South Carolina Justice

2021-10-14:  Cultural Insights:  I’m Sick, What Do I Do?

2021-10-07: I’m Declaring War on Perfection

2021-10-02:  Solving Puzzles for Organisations

2021-09-23:  Managing Around My Weakness:  A New Partner

2021-09-20:  A New Pair of Glasses

2021-09-16:  One Difference Each Day

2021-09-09:  From 8-bit Assembly Code to Training & Development

2021-09-02:  Trying to Convince Myself I’m Good Enough

2021-08-27:  The Tree Blocking the Path

2021-02-21:  The Right Map?

2019-10-06:  Kudos to Cadillac

2019-02-19: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid

2018-04-26:  I’ve Come a Long Way

2018-04-02:  Mother of the Year

2017-11-30:  The Guilt of a Working Mom

2017-11-18: My New Journey with Food

2017-07-14: The Ups and Downs of the Retail Experience

2017-06-24: The Summer I Learned to Walk (Again)

2017-05-16: The World from my Camera

2017-04-07: The Forgotten Entrepreneurs

2017-04-06: My Little Town

2017-02-16: Beneath the Clouds

2017-02-02: My Great Great Grandmother’s Spoon

2017-01-14: People Are Good

2017-12-09: A Christmas Gift

2017-11-11: The United States Election Results and My Action

2017-11-05: In the Footsteps of my Forebearers

2017-10-25: MBTI: Learning About Preferences

2017-10-21: Part of Something Greater Than Me

2017-10-07: I Am So Incredibly Lucky

2017-09-20: Wontons Really Are Chinese… A Short Glimpse of the East

2017-09-18: Today’s Travel Tip

2017-09-15: No Matter What, She Has My Respect

2017-06-29: Tough Lessons and A New Direction

2017-03-29: Thank You for Your Gift of Memories

2017-03-20: Future Engineers: Carolo Cup 2016

2017-03-03: Shedding My Midwestern Republican Roots

2017-02-11: The Road Not Taken

2017-02-07: What a Wonderful World

2016-02-05: Random Musing: Every Day Is Brighter…

2016-02-03: Surviving Setbacks

2015-12-07:  Thank You, Mrs Stewart, and Good-bye

2015-12-03:  Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

2015-10-23:  Introducing… Nspir AB

2015-10-22:  My First Contract

2015-10-11:  Making Dreams Come True

2015-09-25: Should We Really Throw Out the Baby

2015-09-19: Why I Already Love My New Car

2015-09-10:  Onwards and Upwards

2015-09-04: Leaping Off the Cliff… And a Plea for Help for the Refugees

2015-08-27: A Fantastically Strong Response to Discrimination

2015-08-25:  The Ushuaia Lighthouse