When the mood strikes me to write, I blog.  Most of the topics are about personal development, self-improvement, my forays into entrepreneurship, the challenges of motherhood and life in general, and travel and other cultures.

Here are the links for my posts:

2019-02-19: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid

2018-04-26:  I’ve Come a Long Way

2018-04-02:  Mother of the Year

2017-11-30:  The Guilt of a Working Mom

2017-11-18: My New Journey with Food

2017-07-14: The Ups and Downs of the Retail Experience

2017-06-24: The Summer I Learned to Walk (Again)

2017-05-16: The World from my Camera

2017-04-07: The Forgotten Entrepreneurs

2017-04-06: My Little Town

2017-02-16: Beneath the Clouds

2017-02-02: My Great Great Grandmother’s Spoon

2017-01-14: People Are Good

2017-12-09: A Christmas Gift

2017-11-11: The United States Election Results and My Action

2017-11-05: In the Footsteps of my Forebearers

2017-10-25: MBTI: Learning About Preferences

2017-10-21: Part of Something Greater Than Me

2017-10-07: I Am So Incredibly Lucky

2017-09-20: Wontons Really Are Chinese… A Short Glimpse of the East

2017-09-18: Today’s Travel Tip

2017-09-15: No Matter What, She Has My Respect

2017-06-29: Tough Lessons and A New Direction

2017-03-29: Thank You for Your Gift of Memories

2017-03-20: Future Engineers: Carolo Cup 2016

2017-03-03: Shedding My Midwestern Republican Roots

2017-02-11: The Road Not Taken

2017-02-07: What a Wonderful World

2016-02-05: Random Musing: Every Day Is Brighter…

2016-02-03: Surviving Setbacks

2015-12-07:  Thank You, Mrs Stewart, and Good-bye

2015-12-03:  Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

2015-10-23:  Introducing… Nspir AB

2015-10-22:  My First Contract

2015-10-11:  Making Dreams Come True

2015-09-25: Should We Really Throw Out the Baby

2015-09-19: Why I Already Love My New Car

2015-09-10:  Onwards and Upwards

2015-09-04: Leaping Off the Cliff… And a Plea for Help for the Refugees

2015-08-27: A Fantastically Strong Response to Discrimination

2015-08-25:  The Ushuaia Lighthouse