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I recently had a conversation about coaching and thought it could be interesting to share some of the questions they had with you and my answers.

Have you ever been coached?

Answer:  Yes, and I have found coaching truly transformational.  I was fortunate to have found an amazing coach at one of the most difficult periods of my life, who helped me sort out my thoughts around my career and purpose in life.  I worked with my coach intensively during that period, but still return to her when I need help in career decisions.  I find her ability to bring out what I consider most important truly invaluable.  

I am also working right now with two other coaches that are also invaluable to me in very specific areas:  solopreneur tools/marketing and parenting.  While very different areas, these are important areas for my work and personal life where I need help now.  For the first, learning from my coach’s knowledge and skills have saved me a tremendous amount of time (as well as helping me with accountability when I need it).  For the second, parenting a ‘tween is challenging.  Having expert insight helps me know when I am on the right track, or gives me new ideas and insights where I am stuck.  

What do you think about coaching?

Answer: I see three main values to it.

The first is an outside perspective without the emotional investment.  Many times in life, when we talk to our partner, friends, family, etc, they have a vested interest in our decisions and outcomes.  A coach isn’t involved in the same way.  As a coach, I want you to find peace, find a way to understand and achieve your purpose and mission in life, and see you bring out your best self.  I see that as our task together to identify and work towards that.  What that is, is up to you.  I may help you see consequences of choices, and I may give you my opinion of options based on my life experiences and knowledge, but I’m not invested in you following my opinions or recommendations. (Note:  Coaching is not a cure for mental health issues, which should be taken with doctors or psychologists.  In my case, combining a coach from the career perspective with an active medical triage of physical therapy, talk therapy and medicine was needed and very effective.)

The second is basically economical, as particularly has been the case with my solopreneur coach.  If someone has a lot of experience and knowledge that I don’t have, why not save myself time and money by leveraging that.  Yes, I could learn all those things myself, but that takes time.  And time is money.  So paying her for her knowledge is Win-Win.

The last is accountability.  I know that I do tough tasks better with external accountability.  A coach who works with you through time provides accountability.

What should I look for in a coach?

Answer: It’s a bit like a partner or a therapist, to make progress, you need the right fit.  You need to feel trust for the coach, that you can open up and be your authentic self.  If you are working on career or life purpose, you should be able to be vulnerable with your coach, as that is where the greatest progress will be made.  

It is also to consider what goals you wish to achieve, and is the coach the right person right now to help you in that.  Just because a coach is a good person or you like them, doesn’t necessarily mean they have the right match to help you right now.

Who are you as a coach?

Answer: I really enjoy helping people to find their meaning and purpose in life, through recognising strengths and managing weaknesses.  I have been told by quite a few people that I am really good at listening to the things they enjoy and helping them to identify the right job or roles for them in the next step and long term.  

I strive to be inspirational in my interactions, and I sincerely believe that most things are possible if they are understood and the right effort is applied.  

I feel extremely fortunate to have been through General Motors/Delphi’s career development for leadership and enjoy the opportunities to share my knowledge and experience from that very broad base of experiences I have.

How do I get started with you?

Answer: You can book me for a 30 min introduction coaching session, free of charge, and additional sessions can either be booked through my training webpage, or by email arranging invoice and direct bank transfer.

I will discount for packaging coaching, and I have a special campaign through the month of February, offered only to my newsletter subscribers. If you wish to subscribe to my newsletter, sign up here.

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