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Consulting & Coaching
For Organizations


My programs are completely customizable with the focus of creating a diverse, inclusive and compassionate high-performance workplace 

Training options start from short inspirational speeches (20-30 minutes) up to multiple day workshops, depending on the specific needs of your organization.

Read about the various course templates that I offer below (of course available customized to meet your needs) or if you just want to talk together to come up with the best solution, book me for a complimentary discussion.


Be A Better Team

This highly customizable class is based on the Integrated Model of Group Development developed by Susan Wheelan and further researched by GDQ Associates.


From this research, team stages are identified and specific, actionable tasks can be done to progress the team forward towards high performance.


Depending on the team's specific needs, work may be done with the team charter, team roles (using the Belbin Team Role model), specific intercultural and interpersonal communication training (including a custom team culture map), goals, values, and purpose.

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be a better tem

Be Your Best Self For A Better Team

Perhaps you are a consultant company who would like to invest in your team members, but they aren’t working in the same team? 


Or you are a company with individual performers and too rapidly changing team configurations where Be a Better Team isn’t practical? 


You can still invest in your colleagues and help them improve their self-awareness and team performance with Be Your Best Self for a Better Team.

I offer the class publicly autumn and spring and also am happy to work with you to schedule an internal class to meet your own scheduling needs.

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Be Your Best Leader For A Better Team

You are a growing company.  You need more leaders than you can find.  You want to develop your new leaders and help them to succeed.  You want to give your leaders the tools and confidence to lead with their best selves.  You want an inclusive and compassionate workforce. 


But you don’t have time, you don’t know how to get there.  Your developing leaders need a safe place to experiment and grow their skills where you are assured complete confidentiality for your business. 


This is what this class does and the in-house option gives more freedom for open discussion and sharing.  It combines my own learning from 25 years of leadership around the world with research on what the best leaders do, focusing on:  Adapting into Delegation, Emotional Intelligence, and Leading with Equity not Equality.

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How & Why We Misunderstand Each Other

You have a multi-cultural and diverse team, but it isn't performing as well as you expect.  

There are a lot of conflicts, much frustration, and it requires a lot of outside management support.

This class helps diverse teams (competence, functional area, culture, and gender) understand how differences contribute to misunderstandings, and how they can work together more effectively.

Many participants have said the course is an eye-opener, helping them to understand there are many different ways of approaching business and doing a good job.

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Belbin Team Roles Assessment & Training

The Belbin Team Role Assessment, which includes an opportunity for both self-perception and observer input, is a core component of the Be a Better... and Be Your Best... classes.

There are multiple reasons for this:

1) As it is a less-permanent and personal assessment, engineers are more open to it and find it a helpful tool to discuss work roles and tasks

2) It has an opportunity for observer input

3) It changes with our interests and roles

While it is part of core classes, I am also happy to work with you to perform Belbin assessments only for your team.  Please note that I do require coaching sessions with the report as I believe that the interpretation and discussion around the report is as important as the report itself.  


Most clients prefer either a 30 or 60 min coaching session per person, but I will be flexible to work with you at a minimum of 30 min.

Belbin Indiv Team Role.jpg

Custom Consulting, Coaching or Task Force Leadership

Sometimes you are so stuck in a situation or conflict that you can’t see a way forward.  You doubt that a class will help.  You want things to be different, but you don’t know where to start or what to do.  Why not bring in an outside perspective?  Someone who has been in a lot of messes and tough situations herself…. Someone to listen, understand, and give advice on your specific situation…. Someone to shine a light into a dark situation and provide you with a way out. 


Book me for an initial free consultation to see if I am that right “someone” for you right now.  Even if we don’t engage, whatever you share is held in complete confidence, and maybe I might know someone else who is right for you.

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