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Exploring New Possibilities

(Originally posted May 2022, reposted June 2023 as it was lost in webpage redesign)

Ever since I was a child, I have found peace in nature.

Some of my fondest memories are of…

… lying in a tent, cozy in my sleeping bag, listening to the birds, frogs, and other creatures singing and smelling the pine forest

… paddling gently in a canoe, so we could be close to a turtle family without disturbing them

… riding on the child seat on the back of my parent’s bike, feeling the breeze and sun, cooling and warming at the same time

… hearing the call of a blue jay as I played in the sandbox at the lake cottage

… being on top of a mountain and staring out at the beauty and glory before me

… playing in the surf, hearing the crash of the breakers and smelling the scent of the sea

As I changed my work into coaching and teaching, I have always had a desire to combine the theory that I teach with the wonder and comfort of nature.

In the beginning, I was perhaps too ambitious, starting to think of complicated and expensive trips to some of my favorite places of natural beauty.

I was also overwhelmed as I thought of all the certifications and insurances I would need to safely lead and guide these adventures.

As part of my overall strategy in stopping expecting too much of myself and pairing with others, I have realized that I need to find partners to handle the adventure.

I ran a small experiment two years ago in the autumn, when I paired with Outdoor West in Lysekil to offer sea kayaking together with a 7 Habits Mission Building workshop. It was a success in many ways: I didn’t have to worry about the adventure, I left it to the experts. It helped a small business. The participants received a lot more than I would have been able to offer or coordinate.


I want to do more of these opportunities, so today I am running another experiment. I have coordinated a canoeing expedition for the women’s group in our neighborhood. This touches a special place in me, as I have met so many women who would love to explore the outdoors more, didn’t have a chance in their childhood, and don’t have the confidence to go on their own. I am so excited to offer this to them, and also experiment myself.

Do such activities sound interesting to you? Reach out and let me know what you are interested in!

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