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Preparing for a spoken communication event?  It might be a presentation, a lecture, or maybe even an interview.  Few of us enjoy speaking in front of a group, but with advanced preparation, we can feel more confident and perform much better.  


This package includes my preparation checklist that will guide you through all the things that you need to think about to prepare an excellent presentation.  You will also receive a template for collecting feedback from your audience (I always encourage a practice run or two before a significant event) as well as my 3 P's of presentation preparation.


If you need help to prepare, feel free to book me at a special 25% off.

Spoken Communication Preparation Package

  • All files are in PDF format and sized for A4.  If you need US letter, please reach out.

    This is for single use only.  If you are interested to purchase company rights or a dedicated class, reach out to us!

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