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Miki Island


Whenever a team needs a mini-escape, why not travel with me to Miki Island?


In a workshop of at least three hours, your team can escape to a tropical island and test their teamwork skills on a survival journey based on the Integrated Model of Group Development. Through this carefully designed experience, teams have fun and learn at the same time. They recognize skills and behaviors that will help them increase cooperation and team performance, and can take them back to the office. Contact me to make your reservation for Miki Island, either on its own or together with Be a Better Team.

Miki Island works especially well for teams spread out in multiple locations and run in a virtual setting, but also works well in live group settings if you have that luxury.

Travel & Learn


Would you like to get away from the every day to have a chance to learn and grow? I am offering special workshops in some of my favorite places in the world.


Watch this area for upcoming opportunities. 


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