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Workshops & Trainings

While the links below take you to public offerings of live, online classes or online, self-paced video training, all of the below classes are available to customize for a company or group of 8 or more.  Just contact me to discuss.

How & Why We Misunderstand Each Other

Introduces basic psychology of interactions, provides an understanding on how communication can lead to misunderstandings, and provides some ideas and a tool to work with improving interactions.

The online training is divided into five modules of around an hour each.


An intercultural deep-dive is included and covers China, Germany, India, Sweden, and the United States.

Custom trainings include custom country maps.

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Recruiting 101:
Basics of Recruiting

This is a three-section class on performing a recruitment process, from defining the advertisement, through CV (resume) screening, the interview (including behavioral based questions), and finally, candidate selection.


I share the philosophy and approach that I have used as I have been a significant contributor to building two major engineering organizations.

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Be Your Best Self for a Better Team 

Designed for individuals who work on teams, this class helps a person identify their strengths and weaknesses to be able to contribute with their best self.


In addition, there is an overview of team development and in-depth training in interpersonal and intercultural communication.


It is offered publicly twice annually (fall and spring) with theory taught through live online training, group discussion and case study work, self and observer assessment using Belbin Team Roles, and one hour of individual coaching.

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Be Your Best Leader For A Better Team

You are a new leader, or an experienced one who wants to be better.  You have hard skills and experience to bring to your role, but need some confidence in your new responsibility.  You would like to meet others, like you, who are driven to improve and lead well.  You need a safe place to experiment and grow your skills. 


This is what this class does.  It combines my own learning from 25 years of leadership around the world with research on what the best leaders do, focusing on:  Adapting into Delegation, Emotional Intelligence, and Leading with Equity not Equality

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Belbin Team Roles & Assessment Training

The Belbin Team Role Assessment, which includes an opportunity for both self-perception and observer input, is a core component of the Be a Better... and Be Your Best... classes.

There are multiple reasons for this:

1) As it is a less-permanent and personal assessment, engineers are more open to it and find it a helpful tool to discuss work roles and tasks

2) It has an opportunity for observer input

3) It changes with our interests and roles

While it is part of core classes, it is also available on its own, either for an initial or an updated assessment.

Belbin Indiv Team Role.jpg

Guided Interpretation: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

If you are looking for a personal and professional transformation journey, this class is a guided interpretation to the book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.


It is a combination of live lectures (recorded on video and available afterwards in the portal), where I share my interpretations of the key concepts of each chapter with stories of my own experiences, and live discussion sessions where you have a chance to discuss and share your own thoughts and experiences.

The community formed from the group discussions is a tremendous benefit of the class, as you can experiment in grow in a safe environment.

This class is taught live twice annually, fall and spring, with discussion participation groups limited for optimal sharing.

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