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Leaping Off the Cliff... and a Plea for Help for Refugees

I started trying to write this article yesterday night, as this week had been two major leaps in my new direction, where I started work with my first customer, as well as hired my first employee.

While both of these leaps were a tremendous joy for me, I struggled to share them as my heart and mind were overwhelmed with the image of a young boy, washed up, dead, on a beach. I am angry, I am sad, I feel completely helpless to make a difference, as I can only imagine the type of atrocities that would force so many thousands of people to take risks with their own lives and their children, in the hope of a better life.

I cried this morning driving to work, when I heard that Germany and Sweden are entering agreements to take two-thirds of the refugees. I felt proud to be part of a country, that though small (land area of California with the population of Chicagoland), recognizes that we cannot collectively close our eyes and pretend that things happening in other countries don't affect us.

I have seen many friends posting on Facebook of places to donate and things that are needed. People offering to drive items. I met a good friend for lunch who visited a refugee camp and was so moved by the experience that she organized the charitable contributions in her office.

In addition to our private contributions, I have decided that my company will match donations made to either RäddaBarn (Save the Children) or LäkareUtanGränser (Doctors Without Borders), up to a grand total of 5000 kr. Please post your contribution here (or email or message me privately), and I will match your donation.

If you are in Gothenburg and would like to make a donation of goods that you can't deliver, let me know and I will try to make arrangements myself to pick it up and deliver, or arrange with one of my friends.

And then, hug your families extra hard tonight, think about the huge number of people out there tonight, hiding in forests or cities, wondering if they will make it through another day alive. Let's do what we can to help take care of them, and end the need for their suffering.

Thank you for your help!

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