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Making Dreams Come True

Madeline's Dream

Wow, how happy I was to read in an article about my newly hired coleague finding her dream job working with me. Madeline is a bright and talented young woman who can't wait to take the world by storm. I only hope that I can keep up with her and fulfill her expectations.

When I think back on the accomplishments in my career that I am most proud of, I think of the people who I have helped. Whether it was in offering them their first job and a chance to prove what they could do, helping to facilitate the training assignments or next steps for a high performance individual, or encouraging someone to finish (or start) a university degree, I feel that I am at my best when I bring out others' best to reach the goals of a company. What an amazing thing it is, when I can share some knowledge, experience, or time and then see the outcome of young people living their dream and surpassing me.

My primary focus going forward will be to help fulfill dreams. Whether it is a company's goal to grow knowledge, competence, or an organization, or an individual's goal to grow his or herself, I would like to be a part of that growth.

Within the next one to two weeks, I hope to be able to announce my company's name. However, both before and after this, I would love to talk to the following people:

1) Mid or late career automotive engineers or project managers who have as their dream to help train and grow others

2) Young engineers or project managers who have finished university, want to live in the Gothenburg region, and would like to make their dream come true

3) Companies who would like to partner to make young engineers' dreams come true

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