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Onwards and Upwards

Life moves on at lightning pace. Less than a month ago, I was uncertain to where I would be driving on my weekday mornings. Now today, I have been in a new role, placed at a customer for one week. I like to say that I am returning to my roots, in Infotainment, but trying out life on the OEM side. The OEM role is not completely new, having spent several years on-site at each Trollhättan and Rüsselsheim, but still challenging and interesting to actually be an integral part of building a car! I have the chance to work with some old friends, as well as many new and fascinating people! What fun!

In addition to finding placement for myself, I have the honor to introduce my first employee, Madeline Mahdis Shahrokhi. Madeline is ready to take the world by storm, and has thankfully chosen my company on her path to success. Her description of herself is "Success is a personal standard; I'm trying to reach the highest that is in me & becoming all that I can be!". She brings knowledge of HR process and recruiting to us, and will learn automotive project management from me. Welcome, Madeline! Thank you for putting your trust and faith in my company; I hope we will not disappoint!

I am in regular dialogue with many other interesting new people, and would love to talk to more who are interested in automotive engineering consulting in a small firm with a big heart.

I also encourage you to consider a donation to Rädda Barnen/Save the Children or Doctors Without Borders. My company still has the capacity to match about 2500 kr more in donations! Take advantage of this opportunity to make twice the difference; every little bit helps! Donations can be made in any country/currency, and I'll convert your currency to Swedish krona for the match. You can comment here, or message me if you wish to donate anonymously.

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