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Saturday Morning Reflections

I treasure Saturday mornings in Lysekil. First of all, I always sleep better here. I’m not sure if it’s the sea air, or the escape from the every day, but I woke very refreshed after a full week.

After more than four years of primarily working from home, whether it was the work-from-home COVID times or time spent developing my training and children’s book writing and publishiing, a full week of being back in the office had drained me.

To many who encounter me, it’s not obvious I prefer introversion. First of all, I’m American-born and raised, so by cultural norms, I’m definitely more outgoing and outspoken than many of my Swedish colleagues. Second, I’ve developed my skills in public speaking and presentation to where it seems ”natural”. And lastly, I’m a pretty open and energetic introvert, as I have found sharing my struggles to be helpful with others in their own and I truly enjoy sharing my energy to lift others. But at the core, I need quiet time in reflection and introspection to keep my energy up.

My Saturday morning walks, and especially today as the sea and winds were unusually calm, and the sky was a dramatic mixture of light and grey, restore my soul.

They remind me the value of being present in the moment.

They remind me of the small piece that I am in a massive world of people, rocks, water, and trees. In projects, ideas, plans, and goals.

They remind me that I don’t need to understand everything at once and solve everything today. That learning an entirely new way of working, many new people, and new tools takes time, and I’m doing okay.

They charge my batteries with the energy to keep giving.

They give me the confidence and peace of mind to know that I’ve got this.

They remind me to stop and notice the magic of here and now.

How do you recharge?

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