Welcome to Nspir!

Consulting – currently available only for part-time consulting, either remote US Eastern time zone or Columbia SC area.

Coaching – by appointment on an hourly basis, in careers, life change, and personal development.

Video Training – given the world situation with COVID-19 and my own remote work location, I have started to optimise my training material for self-paced video instruction.  This offers the opportunity for individuals or small companies to access the training at lower cost than live in-person or live online, but without live interaction. Coaching is available at discounted rates as an add-on.

Intercultural/Interpersonal Training – I have developed custom training programs with the focus of improving Interpersonal and Intercultural Interactions and have given them in 30 min – 1/2 day formats, depending on the need.

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Coaching and Workshops – I am a certified practitioner of the MBTI assessment (since fall 2016), offering individual or team workshops.

MeBTI (Metabolic Balance) Nutrition and Diet Coaching – I am a certified practitioner (since fall 2017) for Metabolic Balance offering custom weight loss programs based on your individual blood values.  Available in US (Skype or FaceTime only) and Sweden.

Belbin Team Roles Assessments and Training – certified with merit practitioner (since June 2018) of the Belbin Team Role assessment tool, offering individual or team workshops.

GDQ High Functioning Team Workshops and Training – I have combined my other classes (Belbin, Intercultural/Interpersonal) with additional material on High Functioning Teams to perform team building for both software and other development teams.

Legacy  – PENDING COVID-19 resolution – workshops where you can add your own fabric, buttons and material to a base pillow in denim, linen, or cotton.  My studio cutting tools will be available and you can attach by iron-on, pin, or sewing.   My skilled tailor will finalize the attachments and we’ll mail you your Legacy pillow.

SEW & Knot Co – locally produced (Lysekil Sweden) nautical themed home products, including napkins, placemats, tablecloths, and decorator pillows.

Nspir Photography – naturally beautiful photos of Lysekil Sweden and the rest of the world.  Available in canvas, poster, and postcard formats, or online.


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