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Meet Sarah Wills Carlsson

Teacher, Leader, Creator, Founder of Nspir

Sarah Wills Carlsson is an experienced leader and trainer, who combines the theory she continuously learns and studies with practice and experimentation in the automotive industry.

Born in the United States, educated at Northwestern University (BSc. Electrical Engineering, with a Global Studies concentration) and Stanford University (MSc. Engineering Management), she has successfully
lived and worked in Sweden, Germany, and the United States.


She has travelled to over 30 countries and has frequently worked with more than 10. She is currently located in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, but
continues to work with people and teams around the world.


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Unlike the model of rowing skulls used in the past as an example of great teamwork, a Match Racing Team is a much better metaphor and example for modern technological teamwork.  Team members shouldn't all do the same thing.  Instead each person needs to find their place on the boat, have excellent communication, and a clear, common goal.

BBT Original.jpg

This highly customizable class is based on the Integrated Model of Group Development developed by Susan Wheelan and further researched by GDQ Associates.


From this research, team stages are identified and specific, actionable tasks can be done to progress the team forward towards high performance.


Depending on the team's specific needs, work may be done with the team charter, team roles (using the Belbin Team Role model), specific intercultural and interpersonal communication training (including a custom team culture map), goals, values, and purpose.


You have been a key person coaching our company, providing solutions for a better communication within multicultural environments, where communication is normally one of our key main problems to solve. I strongly recommend it to any of you who might need a boost on your companies to solve communications issues.

 The focus of your cultural trainings has been appreciated within the organization. The training has helped employees to navigate in an multicultural organization. Both by understanding other cultures but also, and probably most importantly, learning about ones own culture and how it affects ones behavior. You have been responsive throughout the development of your trainings, adapting the layout to ensure high quality and relevant content.

You’re a great public speaker and the information you shared was very clear and concise, easy to follow and a clear ‘red thread’ throughout the presentation/information shared.

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Read Sarah's insights on personal development, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, the challenges of motherhood, life in general, travel and other cultures.

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